Picture of Sony XLR-1

Sony XLR-1 Mic Adapter

The XLR-1 has 2 balanced XLR inputs and switchable 48-volt phantom power. It can be mounted onto the bottom or the side of the PCM-D1 or the PCM-D50. It can also be used with other recorders.
Made in Japan. Listen to a sample.

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Picture of Rolls PB224 Phantom Power Kit

Rolls PB224
Phantom Power Kit

This kit is a more affordable alternative to the Sony XLR-1. It includes your choice of a standard or professional grade Y-cable (3.5mm stereo male to dual XLRF) and the Rolls PB224. The Rolls PB224 delivers 48 volts of clean phantom power to 2 mic channels. It operates on two 9V batteries or an included AC Adapter. Made in USA. 5.5 x 2.7 x 1.75 inches.

The Y-cable will deliver the mic signal from the PB224 to the 3.5mm mic jack on your handheld recorder. Listen to a sample. The standard Y-cable is 6" long and has a straight mini plug. The professional-grade cable is 18" long, has a right-angled mini plug, capacitor coupling and cable ties.

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