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FEL 3.5 Series
Plug-in Powered
Mic Preamps
FEL MicBooster
Phantom Powered
Mic Preamps

FEL 3.5 Series
Plug-in Powered Mic Preamps

FEL's 3.5 series of mic preamps are tiny microphone preamplifiers specifically designed to be used with your portable recorder's mini (3.5mm) mic input.

Built inside various mic cables, the 3.5 Series mic preamps are powered by your portable recorder's plug-in power. They can only be used with dynamic or battery-powered microphones.

FEL's 3.5 Series mic preamps have no switches, no batteries and are very simple to use. Just plug one end into the recorder and the other end into the microphone.


FEL Mini MicBooster
Phantom-Powered Mic Preamps

FEL's Mini MicBooster series of mic preamps are pocket-sized, ultra low-current microphone preamplifiers that deliver an extra 20 dB of gain to your condenser mic.

They are powered solely by your field recorder's 48 volt phantom power, but use only a tiny fraction of it, so the remainder passes through to run the microphone as normal.

No batteries, no mains, no switches, knobs, presets or controls. Just plug it in and go. Features/specs include:

  • Superb audio quality
  • Flat frequency response, low noise
  • Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    ± 0.25 dB, 150 ohm source
  • Strong Neutrik alloy case, gold plated Neutrik XLR's
  • Output clipping level -10 dBu with 600 ohm load
  • Input clipping level -30 dBu at 20 dB gain 600 ohm load
  • Input impedance - electronically balanced 1K ohm
  • Output impedance - electronically balanced 200 ohm
  • Polarity - non-inverting, polarity is preserved
  • Current consumption - 1.4 milliamps, typical


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