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About Reviews at Wingfield Audio

Our reviews are from a musician's point of view.

Only recorders that feature a usb port, built-in microphones and 24-bit wav recording have been reviewed here.

Why? We're musicians, not sound engineers or spec hounds. We're looking for easy-to-use tools that capture good clean sound.

When we record our live gigs and ambient sounds, we want a device that will give us the best possible outcome for the least amount of worry:

  • A usb port means you don't have to worry about how to transfer the recording onto your computer. Just "drag and drop."
  • Built-in microphones mean you don't have to worry about cables and stands and mic placement. Just point and press "record."
  • 24-bit wav recording means you don't have to worry about sound quality. What you hear is what happened!

Do our featured products produce better results than a studio with good condenser mics, pre-amps and a hard disk recorder? You'd be surprised.

Is the sound quality good enough for your live recordings, audition or demo tapes? In most cases, yes.

Are you more likely to record that gig, audition or demo if you only have to point and press "REC"? In most cases, yes.

You'll save yourself a lot of time and money too.

This is why our reviews focus only on essential features like looks, ease of use and sound quality. If you have a question about recorders that hasn't been answered by anything else you've read, tell us and we'll do our best to answer it.