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Portable Recorder Sound Samples

This is our main sound samples page. Scroll down for links to more samples.

  Cello Winds Speech Choral Piano Percussion
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About the Samples

Percussion. Special thanks to Keita Ogawa, hand percussion, Tomoko Iwamoto, violin, and Helen Sherrah-Davies, 5-string violin. Yes, the Sony PCM-D50, and Tascam DR-1 percussion samples are different, but they were made during the same session. Enjoy!

Piano. Special thanks to Eyran Katsenelenbogen for his gorgeous rendition of Michel Legrand's "The Summer Knows." Yes, parts of the Tascam DR-1 sample are distorted (operator error), but we think the non-distorted bits are nice.

The piano samples were performed in a local conservatory rehearsal room on a Falcone 6' baby grand, lid open. The recorders were on a music stand in the corner of the room, roughly 3 feet from the rear of the piano.

Choral. The choral sample is of a non-professional choral society in the metropolitan Boston, MA area, rehearsing with a freelance orchestra in a large cathedral.

Speech. All of the speech samples were spoken by Stephanie Wingfield. In an attempt to apply good microphone technique, Stephanie recorded each voice sample one at a time, holding each recorder in her hand. She did not line up the recorders in a row and press "record" like she did for the other samples.

Winds. Special thanks to Laura Hamel (flute) and Sylvain Bouix (clarinet) for their wonderful duets by Gossec (all recorders except Zoom) and Voxman (Zoom recorders).

Cello. The cello sample, inspired by the Prelude to Bach's Suite No. 1 for Solo Cello, was arranged and performed by Stephanie Wingfield.

Technical Info

All of the samples were made with the built-in microphones of each recorder.

No external mics were used.

The original recordings were 24-bit/44.1kHz wav files.

For optimal web listening, the sound samples on this page and all other pages on this site were converted to 192kbps/16-bit/44.1kHz mp3 files with dBpowerAmp Music Converter.

The recording setup for the cello, wind and percussion samples was very simple.


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