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Microphone Technique - The Basics

Simple in theory. Tricky in practice. Entirely doable with more practice.
  1. Distance. Your mouth should be roughly 6 inches from the microphone. Try touching the mic with your pinky finger and, with same hand, touching your mouth with your thumb. That's about the right distance. If you're too close, the sound will be too full or heavy. If you're too far away, the sound will be too hollow or thin. Experiment to find the right distance for you.

  2. Angle. Try angling the microphone slightly (1 inch or less) away from the center of your mouth. This helps to avoid popping, that annoying sound that occurs when a blast of air hits your microphone. Consonant sounds like "P" and "T" are the worst offenders. The angle will be different with each microphone and each person. Experiment to find the right angle for you.

  3. Noise. The microphone will pick up everything. Avoid paper rustling. Hold paper steady in your hand or place it on a stand. Remove change from your pockets. Remove dangling jewelry from your wrists and ears. Don't tap the mic stand or mic cord. Never tap or blow into a microphone. It can damage the microphone. To test it, simply say "test" or the first line of your script.

  4. Headphones. Always wear headphones while recording. It saves time. It'll help you detect stray noises, mistakes, and make sure that your recording levels are acceptable.

  5. Relax and have fun!