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Portable Recorder Reviews & Ratings

Here are links to our portable recorder reviews, all in one convenient place. Our portable recorder reviews don't cover every quirk and spec of each recorder. Instead, we focus on sound quality and usability - the 2 issues most important to musicians. (

More about this here).

Review Rating Price
Marantz PMD661 Excellent**** $649.00
Marantz PMD620 Very Good Plus***1/2 $429.00
Olympus LS-7 (review coming soon) $159.99
Olympus LS-20M (review coming soon) $249.99
Olympus LS-100 (review coming soon) $399.99
Roland R-05 (review coming soon) $199.99
Roland R-26 (review coming soon) $499.99
Sony PCM-D50 Excellent**** $489.99
Sony PCM-M10 Very Good*** $249.99
Zoom H4n Very Good*** $269.99
Zoom H2n (review coming soon) $179.99
Zoom H1 (review coming soon) $99.99
Zoom Q3HD (review coming soon) $299.99
Zoom Q2HD (review coming soon) $199.99
Archived Reviews
Edirol R-09HR Discontinued --
Edirol R-09 Discontinued --
Edirol R-1 Discontinued --
Korg MR-1 Discontinued --
M-Audio MicroTrack II Discontinued --
Olympus LS-11 Discontinued --
Olympus LS-10 Discontinued --
Sony PCM-D1 Discontinued --
Tascam DR-1 Discontinued --
Tascam DR-07 Discontinued --
Tascam DP-004 not stocked --
Tascam DR-100 Discontinued --
Tascam DR-07 Discontinued --
Yamaha Pocketrak 2G Discontinued --
Zoom H4 Discontinued --
Zoom H2 Discontinued --
Zoom Q3 Discontinued --

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