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Portable Recorder Articles

These articles provide free, useful, and well-researched information on issues that may come up for you as you use your portable recorder.

Battery life Test Results
We pressed the REC button on our fully charged recorders and let them run until they stopped. Here are the latest results.

Copyright Basics FAQ
Definition of copyright and what it protects.

Copyright Registration, Notice and Enforcement: Protect Your Sound! How to get maximum protection from the federal copyright laws.

Hearing Loss: It's not just for Old Folks!
Regular exposure to very loud noise is the cause of nearly 1/3 of all hearing loss cases. Take steps to protect your hearing now.

Microphone Technique: The Basics
Basic microphone technique is explained. Crucial for podcasters!

Noise: The Sounds of Silence in your Portable Recorder
We know that portable recorder noise is a real issue for some of you, so we've updated this article by adding samples of the nifty little FEL 3.5 SX3 mic preamp combined with the Audio Technica AT822. Take a Listen!

Surreptitious Recording Laws: Think Before You Press "Record"
Don't assume it's OK to record someone without his/her permission.
A quick look at surreptitious recording laws in the United States.

Why does my stereo microphone look like that?
The x-y stereo mic configuration (Sony PCM-D1, Sony PCM-D50, Zoom H4) is explained.

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