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We tested the ART Phantom II, Beachtek DXA-6HD, JuicedLink CX231, Rolls PB224 and Sony XLR-1 microphone adapters with a pair of AKG C414B-XL II/ST microphones and a Sony PCM-D50.

The ART, Rolls and Sony units furnish 48V phantom power only.

The Beachtek and JuicedLink units furnish 48V phantom power and mic preamps with gain control.

All of the units will allow you to use a 48V phantom-powered condenser microphone with your handheld flash recorder, but we disliked the build quality of the ART unit so much that we decided not to carry it.

The build quality of the JuicedLink unit is also much less refined than that of the Beachtek, but it has a handy pan control feature not offered in the Beachtek.

Phantom II




Sony XLR-1

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