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Portable recording solutions
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Edirol R-09HR Marantz PMD620 Olympus LS-10 Sony PCM-D1 Sony PCM-D50 Tascam DR-07 Tascam DR-100 Zoom H4n Zoom H2

Violinist with Edirol R09 Have you been searching for a portable recording solution that will:
  • Sound great, even to a trained musician's ear?

  • Discreetly record your meetings & lectures?

  • Make podcasting painless?

Meeting with Edirol R09 Look no further! Each portable recorder we sell:
  • Sounds fantastic and fits in the palm of your hand, a pocket, a briefcase or a backpack

  • Records to mp3 or wav audio file formats

  • Easily transfers audio files to your computer
Nature recording with Edirol R09

Why Visit & Shop at WingfieldAudio.com?
  • At Wingfield Audio, we have tried the products we sell. You'll receive the benefit of our first-hand knowledge.

  • At Wingfield Audio, we write our own reviews and post our own sound samples, made in realistic, imperfect environments, so you can make your own decisions.

  • At Wingfield Audio, you'll receive personal attention and fair prices.

  • At Wingfield Audio, you can check out our frequently asked questions and email us for one free 10-minute consultation on the portable recording solution that's right for you.

  • Free ground shipping on all deliveries within the United States. Reasonable international rates for all other destinations.

What our customers say about WingfieldAudio.com:

"Wingfield audio gives you everything you need to choose a portable recorder: Well-organized and clear comparisons between models, and, most importantly, real-life recordings. I ordered a Marantz PMD 620 from Wingfield Audio some months ago, and it's fantastic. Thanks, Wingfield." Dan, CO
"Thank you, Stephanie, for your advice on a recorder and the fast delivery!! My son is delighted with the Sony [PCM-D50]...says his sound is accurate and the playback is invaluable for daily use. The comparison chart and cello recordings on your website were also invaluable for evaluating the recorders... you're the gold standard in portable recorder knowledge!" Giney G., CO
"After deciding which recorder to get, I spent some time trying to decide from which site to purchase. Some with higher prices and some with lower. I just couldn't find a good reason to choose one over the other, but then I went back through some of the more helpful sites from my search for information on these recorders and found that you actually sell them. This, along with my feeling that too many sellers don't really know much about the items they sell, allowed me easily to choose from whom I should buy. Thank you for providing original data on these items rather than just copying the same old manufacturer's marketing text and specs like the other sellers." Michael K., CA
"Dear Stephanie, I want to thank you for this really fast service and the good information you provide. I will certainly think of Wingfield Audio first when I need more audio equipment." Juerg F., Switzerland
"Hi Stephanie, I'm blown away with the sound quality of the Zoom H2. It is easy to use and I've been recording my guitar, the sounds of nightfall in Kentucky, family conversations and church sermons. Thank you so much for the 'sound' advice." Steve F., KY
"Great personal service is something that you simply cannot value in dollars and cents and I do believe the overall value of the items you are sending along with the help you provided me in my decision process makes us both winners." Michael F., NJ
"A pleasure to be able to shop at a portal run in an intelligent and thoughtful way, which so closely supports my objective and outlook." David S., MA
"Thanks to your sound samples I could choose a recorder without any doubt." William R., United Kingdom
"Many thanks for a great service and courtesy. We will have no problem with this little beauty. It came just in time... my daugther is a violinist and has a concert this weekend." Jean-Michel I., RI
"Even a novice like me was able to easily figure out how to use [the Marantz PMD620], and its portability is miraculous. I recently played a piano concerto with a chamber orchestra, and was able to successfully record the rehearsals and then immediately plug in to my car's CD player and hear myself while driving home--a great learning tool. I've been able to use it with my students as well. Thank you for doing this job so well!"
Nan S., CO
"I appreciate so much the way you work, thank you very much, it's been so fast and clear!" David F., Spain
"Hello Stephanie, I just returned from my trip where I needed the Zoom recorder and wanted to let you know that it worked wonderfully. Thank you so much for sending it out right away and thank you for your care and extremely helpful advice before I purchased it. Dealing with you has truly been a rare and exceptional experience and I just wanted to say 'thanks.'" John F., CA
"I am very pleased with the advice I received from WingfieldAudio.com about digital audio recorders-- the comparisons of sound, ease of use, and price were extremely helpful in buying the best one for my particular needs! I especially appreciate knowing that I am getting advice from a musician who really understands string players and string ensembles--both classical and jazz. I would DEFINITELY buy here again, and recommend WingfieldAudio.com to all my students and musician friends!" Paula Zeitlin, Instructor, Jazz Violin and Viola, Director, Synergy Jazz String Ensemble, Wellesley College, Wellesley MA
"I found the samples on the web site very helpful. I'm thrilled with the quality of sound provided by my recorder and grateful that I found someone who had researched available products for me. The service at WingfieldAudio was absolutely perfect and I would definitely shop there again." Margaret B., NY

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